Do all parents need a parenting plan for the children?

Do all parents need a parenting plan for the childrenNo, it is not mandatory for all parents to have a parenting plan. In fact, with older teenagers, it is difficult to write clear provisions about their care as they must give consent to medical treatment. Also, when it comes to organising the visiting schedule, teenagers will rarely be forced to visit a parent if they do not want to. For all other situations, however, it is a very good idea to obtain a parenting plan that will delineate clearly how major decisions about the children will be made. For example the plan should include a visiting schedule for the regular visits and the holidays. It should also indicate how the parents will deal with a multitude of other matters relating to the care of the children such as sharing of information, doing homework, sharing expenses, traveling with the kids, moving the children’s residence, and so much more. A good parenting plan should be made to reflect the realities of your family situation. It should also include a provision that will allow for the plan to be reviewed if and when the children’s needs change.

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