The key to successfully negotiating a settlement of your separation or divorce matters with your ex-spouse is to understand the basic concepts of family law. Unless you are a family lawyer, you don’t always know if the information you read can be trusted, and if it applies to your circumtances.

If you are an Ontario resident, there is no need to browse anywhere else! We have gathered here, in one convenient location, a comprehensive list of all the reliable information, tools and services available on the internet found on government and community websites.

To speed up and simplify your search we have also included all this FREE information, by topic, in the 10 Steps of our Divorce Roadmap


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Alternative Dispute Resolution



What is the difference between arbitration and mediation? Family Law Education for Women
What is mediation? Ontario Association of Family Mediation
Resolving Disputes – Think About Your Options Government of Canada
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Law Family Law Education for Women
What is Arbitration? Government of Ontario
What is Collaborative Justice Ontario Collaborative Law Federation
What is Collaborative Justice? International Academy Of Collaborative Professionals
What is Mediation? Government of Ontario
Is Family Mediation for us? Government of Ontario
Dispute Resolution Reference Guide Government of Canada

Calculator - Spousal Support

Calculator - Child Support

Child Support Calculator Government of Canada

Child Support Table Look-up

Common Law Spouses

Community Services


The Family Law Information Centers (FLIC) Government of Ontario
Legal Aid Ontario
The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) –Enforcement of Support Orders
Parental Alienation Awareness
Same Sex Marriage in Ontario
Ontario Victim Services Secretariat
DAWN Ontario – Disabled Women’s Network provides various educational and informational materials to advance the equality rights of women living with a disability.
Information for single dads, separated dads and divorced dads
Family Law Issues for Immigrant, Refugee and Non-Status Women Family Law Education for Women
Finding Help with your Family Law Problem Family Law Education for Women
Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) – Canadian plain language information on women’s rights under Ontario Family Law available in 14 different languages
Family Law Information Program

FLIP – Legal Aid Ontario – Family law topics child support,
custody and access, spousal support, property rights,

process etc.

Family Services à la famille Ottawa (FSFO)
Dedicated to the health and well-being of the people of Ottawa.
Canadian Divorce Laws Library of articles about child support, child custody, spousal support, property division, divorce procedure etc.
CLEONET Various family Law topics such as child support, custody and access, divorce and separation.
Centre for Children and Family in the Justice System Helping children and families involved with the justice system.


Court Forms

Ontario Court Forms Government of Ontario


Domestic Violence

Family Laws/ Rules

What you should know about Family Law in Ontario Government of Ontario
Children’s Law Reform Act Ontario
Court of Justice Act Ontario
Divorce Act Deals with divorce, child and spousal support as well as custody and access.
Family Law Act Ontario

Deals with separation, child and spousal support, division of property and possession of the matrimonial home.

Family Law Rules Ontario

The procedures to be followed in all Family Law cases in Ontario.


Government Websites


Marriage in Ontario Family Law Education for Women


Name Change

Pension and Benefits


Domestic Contracts
Family Law Education for Women



Tax Benefits & Credits

Ontario Benefits and Credits for single and families Government of Ontario
Child and Family Benefit Government of Canada
Eligible Dependant Government of Canada
Canada Child Benefits Government of Canada



All about wills and estate planning Government of Ontario