What is Family Law in A Box?


Family Law in a Box was born from the idea that all men and women in Ontario going through a separation or divorce deserve to understand their legal rights and obligations without spending thousands of dollars on legal fees and court proceedings.


Our goal is to give married and common law couples, undergoing this difficult life experience, access to easy-to-understand legal information and tools about child and spousal support, division of property, parenting, the court and other dispute resolution processes, financial disclosure and much more.


We know that when people learn and understand how the law applies to their family situation, they are empowered to make sound decisions and resolve family issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Save Time. Save Money. Find Peace of Mind.

Step By Step Roadmap Through Divorce


Our programs and the information that you will find on our website can help you at any stage of your separation or divorce process; whether you are represented by a lawyer, assisted by a mediator or representing yourself in or outside of court.


At Family Law in a Box, we understand that a separation or divorce is an emotionally, financially and legally complex process. To help you get started, we have developed a Divorce Roadmap containing 10 STEPS which will guide you from the beginning to the end of your separation or divorce journey. Each step of the Divorce Roadmap is specifically designed to help you learn the basic legal concepts that relate to each family law topic that you will be required to resolve with your ex-spouse.


For only $99 – a fraction of a lawyer’s hourly rate – get answers to your most pressing questions. Although all separating or divorcing couples have their own stories and issues to resolve, in the end, they all need the same basic legal information.


Just click on the steps that relate to your own circumstances, and get access to our online video tutorials 24/7, for 30 days! The videos contain more than 15 hours of detailed legal information prepared by our team of experienced family lawyers, and the list of available topics keeps growing! In fact, the basic legal information offered in our video tutorials is the same you would obtain when consulting a family lawyer, except that it will cost you a lot less. Peace of mind is just a click away!


Play, stop, rewind, as many times as you want!

Free Resources


We know that obtaining reliable and easy-to-access information during your separation or divorce process is key to helping you resolve your issues expeditiously. Our Free Resources section contains, in one convenient location, a comprehensive library of reliable online tools and information available on government and community websites!


Each step of the Divorce Roadmap is specifically designed to help you learn the basic legal concepts that relate to each family law topic that you will be required to resolve with your ex-spouse. To speed up and simplify your search for online information, we have also reproduced in each of the 10 Steps of the Divorce Roadmap all the tools and information relevant to each topic. Just click on the Step that is of interest to you, and start learning.


It’s fast and FREE!

Will you need a lawyer or mediator?


At Family Law in a Box, we believe in the importance of obtaining independent legal advice before you commit to a family settlement. However, we also believe that most people, equipped with the right knowledge, can resolve their family matters without the need to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees. Indeed, we encourage you to use our Divorce Roadmap to obtain all the basic legal information that you need in order to feel empowered when negotiating with your ex-spouse.


The knowledge that you have gained will also help you maximize the time that you spend with your lawyer or mediator, as you will then be able to focus your discussions on resolving your family matters, instead of using the time you pay for to obtain basic legal information.
Time is money!